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Pip Volume Flow [l/min] Weight [kg/m] Connection Type Flange Size Flange Type

PSI (Pound-force per square inch)
Pa (Pascal)
MPa (Megapascal)

Part no. Size Working Pressure Burst Pressure Weight[kg/m]
1. DNV [bar] 2. DNV [bar] 3. YOUR [bar] 4. DNV [bar]

Material Diameter [mm] Wall thickness [mm] Length [m] Weight [kg]

Thread Identification JIC DIN
OD[mm] ID[mm] Type of Thread Size Pitch Size Pitch

GS components are available for download as 3D models. See the link below (It redirects to an external service - SolidComponents, which requires user registration)

You can find everything you may need for your pipe system here at GS-Hydro:

The Hydraulic Piping Standard Handbook is a comprehensive guide to the construction of piping systems. It is a collection of standards and guidelines supplemented with knowledge from the most experienced experts in the field. This is THE guide you're looking for, and the only one you'll ever need